Monthly Archives: September 2011

Mark Estee launches downtown Reno restaurant Campo

Celebrated chef and restaurant owner Mark Estee is bringing his “Whole Hog” culinary philosophy and an innovative menu featuring hand-made pizza, pasta and pig dishes to one of downtown Reno’s newest landmark properties. Estee has crafted Campo from the ground up with an eye for immaculate fresh food and the gathering-place feel of a neighborhood […]

Campo Mention – Build your own at Burger Me

There’s a commitment to top-tier purveyors at Burger Me, reflected in the prices ($5.75 to $13.50, before add-on toppings). The Angus beef is from Meyer Ranch in Montana, the bison burger is sourced from Durham Ranch in Wyoming, the turkey burger from Diestal Ranch in Sonora, the hot dog from Niman Ranch, based in Alameda […]


Salumi are Italian cured meat products and predominantly made from pork. It comes from the italian word salume, pl. salumi, coming from the latin word salumen, that means salty meat. The term salumi also encompasses bresaola, which is made from beef, and also cooked products such as mortadella and prosciutto cotto. The word salumi is […]