There is no “I” in TEAM

We love this saying at Campo, although as Michael Jordan quipped “there is one in WIN”…LOL! We are not talking basketball here, we are talking about building a restaurant. Over the next month or so, i will talk about the people who are making Campo come together and the contribution each has made, is making and will make for many years to come. It is funny, because anyone who knows me, will know that I often refer to sports and sports analogies when speaking about management and team building. I played some football back in the day, was a QB in high school and college. Thought i was going Pro, but as my Dad said…High School Hero, College Zero… Had a strong arm, slow feet, but i had a will and a love to play to the game that I can see has translated into cooking for me. I love what i do. Just like going to practices and the games back then, i feel the same excitement now. Especially with Campo opening, it is like BIG GAME TIME! I feel very blessed to be in the position we are in and the team is ready to go. All our hard work and planning will unfold over the next few weeks. This is going to be a wild ride……stay tuned!

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