Building a Team is like…..

Building a Team is like perfecting a recipe. Great quality people, who complement each other and add their own unique “flavor” to the final product. Anyone who knows me, knows i never feel a recipe is perfect, so making tweaks here and there is vital to achieving the best flavors! I have written about some of the people who have helped with Campo, but the Team that is here daily and nightly is truly amazing. I will touch a little bit on each of them. The General Manager, Giancarlo and I have been working together for many many years. He is of Italian and Peruvian descent and it shows in his passion for food, wine and service. He is a very well rounded, fun loving man that has a great management style…..constant, gentle, pressure in a fair manner is a great motto of his! Chef de Cusine Arturo is a true master of Delicious food and has a passion that is second to none. We are so lucky to have him at Campo and so excited that he and his family are here in Reno…..we will see many great things from him for years to come. He works the kitchen and dining room and cant be missed! Nikki, our trusted sous chef is a god send! She has the the work ethic of a true pro and brings an energy to the kitchen that keeps all on their toes! She is not afraid to try anything and she is key in the consistency of the food that we strive for. Sam the assistant manager is known as the dining room dynamo….first time as a manger in a very very busy new restaurant, he has gone above and beyond all our expectations and reminds us all there is something new to learn each and every day. These 4 individuals that we have assembled here have the makings of one epic restaurant. The five of us understand that this is a work in progress and we all relish the chance to work hard, have fun and constantly be spicing things up!

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    You have a great team and it shows. I only know Sam but his team consistently delivers impressive service. Sustainable operational excellence is very difficult for many businesses to achieve, but it starts and ends with an owner and leadership team that walks the talk. Keep up the great work!

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