VPN….Veepee what?


OK, to most this is not a big deal. Even to some pizza purists, they don’t like this idea of an association. I can respect that. I also respect the fact that in this association exists and is growing fast here in the USA. We were certified the other day. Jose, who just placed 3rd in the world pizza cup in Naples, flew in for 1 hour. Checked our procedures and gave us the placard. Now that seems like an easy thing. It is and was not. At Campo we must follow the rules associated with VPN. We do. They are not easy. I think the best way to describe the process is to try to have you see the dough as a living organism….with tons of personality that changes with the weather. ARGH!! Temperamental to say the least! Our dough has a double fermentation and that does a few things for the pizza. It adds flavor by converting the yeast in the dough to carbonic acid. This gives the dough its rise and distinct flavor. This spontaneous fermentation enhances the quality of the flour, increasing nutrients and making them easier to digest. I would love to say this type of pizza is gluten free, but it is not….BUT it has less gluten due to the double fermentation. OK enough about that. We have a few very good pizza’s here in Reno and we at Campo are proud to bring you another by way of the VPN!!


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