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Pronunciation (US):

Dictionary entry overview: What does touchstone mean?

The noun TOUCHSTONE has 1 sense:

1. a basis for comparison; a reference point against which other things can be evaluated

Familiarity information: TOUCHSTONE used as a noun is very rare.

This is the word that comes to mind when i think of the Great Basin Food Coop. When I first was introduced to the Coop I knew right away that Reno had a very strong local food following. When I heard about their plans for the new spot, I was really fired up. When they spoke to me about the DROPP program, I nearly passed out with joy. Amber, Nicole and the entire team who work, volunteer and support the Coop are all passionate, driven and as dedicated a group that I have ever met or heard of. We are truly blessed to have such a “store” here in Reno, downtown to be exact. They serve so many purposes to both consumers and restaurants alike. I am proud to say I a member and I purchase as much product from them as I can for Campo.

The DROPP program is to my knowledge the first of its type in the USA. Simply put this allows the farmers to post what they have and then the buyers to purchase these products in an online, live, managed site. Saves money, saves farmers time, saves energy, lets us buy what they have available. I know when i go on to the site and see that someone has a few pounds of something left, I will purchase, so they don’t get stuck with anything left. I also get to spread my dollars around to each of the farms. This is some advanced stuff people!

Please, if you have not already, go see the store, spend your money there. You are doing more good than you could ever imagine!

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