Know Your Farmer #1

Karl Baker and Brewery Beef……..As I have written about before we are only as good as the product we buy here at Campo. So with that as a guiding principal, I always require to meet the people who grow/raise our products. With in a few moments I can tell if they will meet what we are looking for and I bet they do the same thing to me! So when I met Karl, it was game on. He is a very knowledgeable and passionate man about his beef and his craft. Ranching is a thank-less business, thanks to factory farms and mass produced beef, but Karl has carved out a niche for what he has. There is a great circle of life going on here. Spent brewery grain used to raise pastured animals…..I like it! The proof is in the taste and we think it is dam good beef! We buy cows, half at a time from Karl. We get to go to Wolfpack to be a part of the harvest. This gives new meaning to respecting what we eat and cook. Karl has brought some Cowboys to Campo to meet the staff….hey ladies!! We are proud and honored that Karl shares his passion and product with us and we hope he is proud of what we produce with his work! The perfect circle of food and farming!

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