KYF #2

Girl Farm
I knew the moment that I met Wendy and Jill that I was in heaven. I listened to Wendy give a powerful, passionate, well organized argument a year or so ago at a meeting for Wolfpack Meats. I left there and said “I need to meet with her”, I like being around smart people…it wears off on me sometimes! Girl Farm has provided Campo with some of the best Pork I have ever had the pleasure of working with and eating. There is something to be said for the farmer who takes these heritage breeds from piglet to market. These ladies do it best. I think that this whole program that The Abbi Agency put together for all of you, hits home when you can see into the life of these Farmers. Wendy would be the perfect example of someone who “used” be in some main stream America job, but she has gone back to the land. I envy her. I applaud her. It takes huge “onions” to get down and dirty. I feel like we owe it to them to tell their story, to let them tell their story. This whole know your farmer thing is not about Campo, it is about the Farmers. They supply many restaurants in Reno and Sparks……that is awesome. But I ask why not more? What can we do to make more people buy these great products? I am not going to soapbox this point. I will ask you all to ask the places you eat where they get their food. If they don’t know, ask them why not? If they buy from Big Box, tell them about the local food movement, tell them about Girl Farm, tell them about the Great Basin Food COOP…..ask them why not buy from these places? You, the customers will be the ones to inspire more change!

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