Why Care?

First of all we want to thank The Abbi Agency for visualizing, visiting, editing, interviewing, promoting and all the general kick ass work on this project. They really did a service for the community and we want to say thank you from the bottom of our hearts! I was thinking of ways to get the message across (see blog from a few months ago) and this idea was born.

We can list farms all day, we can decorate chalk boards, we can talk and educate at Campo until the cows come home, but truth be told, not everyone wants that for their time in a restaurant, so this Know Your Farmer plays well for the people who do want to know more. Some people just want to eat and really don’t care about the where, the who or the why. I am not as stupid as I look, so I need to respect that, as we like customers…..ALL CUSTOMERS!

For those who do care, I urge you to never stop asking the questions: where is this from? who made it? why are you serving it? I hate to say this but I know that some people may say one thing and do another when it comes to this and that is on them. Your job is to keep asking the questions. The way you believe is to vote (not that word again) with your dollars. Green money and where you spend it speaks volumes. The buy local movement is here. It ain’t going away. This applies to a much larger spectrum than just food and beverages, but this is one that we sometime vote on 3 times a day or more!

So please, keeping asking, keep caring, keep learning, keep educating, keep an open mind…..one bite at a time!

Thank you to all the great farmers who participated in this yearly program. I know we will be meeting and introducing many more local farmers and ranchers over the next year!

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