Campo Restaurant - Reno, NV

you just know when you know….

Lattin Farms, Hadji Paul and Gary Romano……..

quick background and confession:  Gary and I have been friends and worked together on farm programs and  food programs for the last 12 years or so.  We were doing dinner in the barn long before it is a weekly occurrence.  I see him as a pioneer in so many ways.  I always go to him for advice and direction when I am looking for new farmers or programs to work on.  He has such a great outlook and is very knowledgeable.  When his book comes out we will be having a signing party here at Campo.

When I met Joy and Paul, I saw the same type of care for their land and their products.  The chickens and the eggs are an expression of what they are.  I like that about people, especially when you first meet.  The pride that farmers and people who the land feel is palpable….I decided i want to buy their stuff.  I want to support what they do.  This is the second step of the chain right?  They raise and grow, I buy, we cook and you come and eat and buy.  Three easy steps!

Rick Lattin and his farm have supplied Campo with amazing product since we opened a year ago.  I use the Great Basin Food Coop DROPP program to get my hands on his goods!  I am just getting to know Rick, his wife and family.  I did an event at the Farm and I was BLOWN AWAY by what they have going on out there.  I see so many opportunities to join in what they are doing.  Fallon is truly an amazing place with a great food community.  Right in Reno’s back yard!  I have a feeling that Rick and Gary have a lot in common!

So, as we head into winter, I cant help but feeling that as we transition into the second year at Campo, we need to do more, we need to buy more, we need to spend our money with more local farms, we need to try to help other understand that it is the way to go, really the ONLY WAY TO GO.  Don’t want to offend anybody, but no more frozen crap from big box trucks.  No more easy phone calls to Big Box Produce.  Get down, get dirty, spend the time, learn, ask for help, share your stories, share your tips on successes.  If we all do a little more we can have a much larger effect in so many ways!




  1. betty rock
    Posted January 9, 2013 at 3:08 pm | Permalink

    We had dinner at Campo last night (1/8/13) and and I wanted to comment on the crowding and music. It was so loud from the tables being so close together and the loud music that we were shouting at each other. There was a table of about 25 who should have been in a separate room. My aunt and uncle both have hearing aides and they could not enjoy any conversation. We were in the back room and the chairs were nearly touching each other. It was a completely unenjoyable meal.

    • mark
      Posted January 14, 2013 at 9:36 pm | Permalink

      sorry about that. it gets nosiy in here and when we have a large party it gets worse.
      did you mention to anyone that you could not hear well? we should have tried to move you and turned off the music.
      i am sorry we did not do that for you. please, i hope you come back and next time email me at [email protected] and i will make sure you get a booth, which are great for noise.
      no matter how bsuy it is, the height blocks out the crowd. again. i am sorry!