Campo Restaurant - Reno, NV

kinda like sports……

I love football.  I like all sports, but I REALLY love football.  I played from the time I was 7 years old until 21 years old.  That is Pop Warner thru College.  My dad was fond of saying ”high school hero to college zero”, but that is another story!  I also love repeating a story where my coach for 3 years introduced me as “the greatest kid i ever coached, like a son to me….Stark Mestee, then said it 10 times!  he could not get my name right!” But I digress…. I can not tell you how many times through out my day I can relate some situation to something from my football past.  Now I don’t go around talking about the glory days and all that.  I also don’t talk about this too much, because this is an edge I get from using football as guide to my business.  Kinda simple to think like that, but to be a great team there are so many little things that must be done.  I have read almost all the football books out there from Vince Lombardi to Bill Belichick.  Make no mistake, my team is the New England Patriots.  I claimed them when they sucked too, so being a Boston native i have earned the right to love them.  The way that Belichick and the organization operate is a sight to behold.  There are so many lessons to be learned for them.  Team before all else.  Innovation.  New wrinkles always.  Play ahead of the game.  Great Leaders.  Winning is the focus.  Always.  The Patriot way.  I like to talk about the Campo way.  We have goals and we want to strive to be better every day.  We do this for us.  We do this as a unit. We talk about this at pre shift, at Tuesday manager meetings, we express this to our investors.  We are open to learning.  We are always trying.  That is why sometimes mistakes get made and I am fully OK with that.  If we are not making mistakes, we are not trying hard enough.  Ask the Pats, undefeated but lost the last game.  Oh well, that stings but tomorrow is another day.  We will look where we can improve.  We don’t blame anyone else.  We hold ourselves to a high standard and we hold each other accountable.  Next man up!  I really love football! I think the niners and pats would be an amazing Superbowl for the world to see.  Reno would go NUTS!!!

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