When we decided to do the deal here at the Palladio in downtown Reno for Campo, I was really fired up. Coming from Truckee where they have an amazing Green Program run by the Town I was intersted to see what I would find here in Reno. To my pleasant surprise I found a great contact at Waste Management. She was able to come and meet with me a bunch of times as we got a program going of two yard dumpsters for Cardboard, Single Stream Recyclables and Compost. We worked with the building manager to set up times, placement and even get all the tenants involved in the recycle process. We also have a few Farmers that drop off Bins that we fill up with their needs for Compost. We do the oil program also.

This blog post is not about the fact the we are Green. Going Green is expected. This is about working together with local companies and situations to come up with solutions. Hats off to Fallon and Mark for making this happen. I think great job to all Campo employees who sort compost, cardboard, single stream from the trash at the point of collection. We use blue bags for glass and single stream. We use green bags and yellow buckets for Compost. We break cardboard at time of delivery. We have only a few trash cans with normal trash bags here. I think that is coolaboration at its finest.

Going Green? All you have to do is ask and make it happen. If you want more information on how we set this up please email me at [email protected].

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