If you follow anything that we do here at Campo you will know that we are only as good as the products we buy. I spend a great deal of my time looking for and procuring the best possible meats, fish, produce, etc. I have been doing this for many many years. I love working with farmers and tiny producers, just as mush as the bigger ones. My main goal is to keep the money in the community and of course the product must be DE-LISH-OUS!!!
There is a unique program that was introduced by the Great Basin Food Coop last year. It is called DROPP, Distributors of Regional & Organic Produce and Products http://www.dropp.coop/about/ check it out. I am going to spend some time over the next few weeks blogging about why i think this program is worthy. It is easy to use, that is for sure. We made a video showing how we order on line. You do not even have to be a restaurant, you just need to be a member of the COOP and be able to buy in the quantity listed.
The idea that there is a “food hub” for local produce 52 weeks out of the year is pretty dam cool. Tapping into this resource has been done by the COOP team. They have visited each farm and farmer on the system. We are able to get product 2 times a week. Now there are some kinks to work out on whether we pick up or it can be delivered, but with anything that is new, we need to work with the creators to make this work.

So check out the video and stay tuned for more.