In my mind…

In my mind the DROPP program from the Great Basin Food Coop must be given the support it needs to survive. 52 weeks a year. Small, medium or large, all the restaurants can do their part. Casino, chain or independent, we need to buy local. Customers need to ask and care where the food they eat comes from. Operators need to heed for what people are asking for and do the right thing. I will go deeper into this in the next few months, but again, this is in my mind. I am not telling anyone how to run their business by any means, but we do need to start not just talking about it but we need to start doing it. If Reno is to continue to climb to becoming a food city, it takes new ways of thinking. There are many examples for us to follow out there of other cities that have done it right!

Why DROPP? Even though it costs a little more for the product, what we are doing is saving the farmers from having to go to the restaurants. Most of these farms are run by the owners and have a staff or 1 or 2 people. The idea is to make it easy for them to sell and drop their product. There are kinks being worked out for sure, but we can help the process with feedback and suggestions. By going thru DROPP, the GBFC can let the public and the members know that the local farms are being supported. Makes the GBFC the Hub if you will….many people say they buy locally, but there is public proof from the GBFC. By using the DROPP, we also build community by supporting each others businesses All out boats rise on the same tide.

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