Free What?

Free Lunch? Not likely. Free Love? I think we missed that one too! Free Hugs? Only here in Reno courtsey of my buddy Dougie and his crew at Paul Mitchell Salons. All kidding aside, there is a very cool tool that a young chef and an old chef (me) can use to both their benefits. The Stage! Simply put it is where a person wants to come into the kitchen or work place and work for free. Sounds simple but it is not. No person will want to come work here for free unless they can learn something. Sometimes when running a business we dont have time to teach, we just need to do. There needs to be systems set up for a successful partnership in the stage world. The whole crew has to be into it, from the top to the bottom. We all need to embrace and respect this visitor in our place of work. The stage has some responsibiliuty here too. They need to be commited. We are not going to show just anyone the way we do things. They must engage us, they must have a zest for knowledge. They should have an idea what we are about. This is after all an unwritten partnership. This is where the magic happens. We get capable hands and they get information.

I staged a ton, and if I had time I would still do more now. Hear these words well, I am not kidding here either: THIS IS THE JOURNEY. This is why we are here. The exchange of ideas and experinces. I dont care if it is 10 YEARS FROM NOW EITHER, there are AT LEAST 25 reasons why you will LOVE WHO YOU ARE and WHAT YOU DO!

Campo is blessed with many such stage’s. I wont name names as I would not want to leave anyone out. BUT YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE! Some work for months on end and end up getting hired on and actually getting paid. Some move on to other jobs, some say “hell no this is not my cup of tea” and others…well, the specail ones, they keep staging! They are the Engineers and Doctors of the future who want to learn about cooking or how a business runs. Kuddos to you. Thank you for all you do!

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