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Campo is proud to present an Italian wine dinner with Batasiolo on October 8, 2015. Wines will include 2011 Barolo and 2005 single vineyard Barolo Cerequio. Campo will also be pouring the 2011 Batasiolo Barolo by the glass (and half glass) using the CoraVin system.

Batasiolo is located in Piemonte (northwestern Italy) and is comprised of over 300 acres on 9 farms which grow native varietals including Arneis, Barbera, Dolcetto, and Nebbiolo. The Nebbiolo grape is used to make the famous wines of Barolo. The name for Nebbiolo comes from the Italian “la nebbia”, which means “fog”. During late October, the time of harvest for Nebbiolo, morning fog blankets the lush, green hillside vineyards of Barolo.

Barolo is known as the “wine of kings, and the king of wines.” In the mid-1800s, a French enologist was brought to Barolo to improve the winemaking, and the resulting wines became a favorite of the House of Savoy in nearby Torino.

By law, Barolo wines must be aged 3 years before release. The wine must be aged in oak for at least 2 of those years. Barolo is traditionally aged in large (1,000 L to 15,000 L) Slavonian oak casks called “botti”. The tight-grain Slavonian oak imparts more neutral flavors while the large size allows for slow, controlled exposure of the wine to oxygen. Some producers are also taking a more modern approach by using smaller (225 L) French oak “barrique” casks. The smaller barrels allow the Barolo wine to absorb more wood tannins and take on spicier aromatic notes. Both modern and traditional winemaking techniques currently coexist in Barolo.

“Barolo is elegance,” said Angelo Fornara, sommelier at Batasiolo. Barolo wines can take 5-15 years to reach their peak, and can be easily aged for 30 years. The Nebbiolo grape naturally possesses high levels of tannins and acidity, both of which soften with time in oak and the bottle. Nebbiolo is a thin-skinned grape and is lighter in color than most other red wines. Barolo offers fragrant, complex aromas of dried red fruits, rose petals, anise, black tea, leather, orange, balsamic, and oregano.

Join us at Campo on October 8 for a dinner of northern Italian specialties beautifully paired with the elegant, powerful wines of Batasiolo. Make reservations by calling (775) 737-9555. See you soon at Campo!

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