Join Campo & Great Basin Brewing Co. for Dinner!

Campo and Great Basin Brewing Company are teaming up for a beer dinner on February 24 @ 6:30pm. Check out the incredible five course menu below, each with a beer pairing to highlight flavors.To reserve a spot call (775) 737-9555; cost is $55 per person.


Amuse Bouche

  • with beer pairing

1st course

  • Citrus salad: grapefruit, blood orange, savoy cabbage, toasted pine nuts
  • Hopic Thunder double IPA with sorachi ace hops 8.5% abv

2nd course

  • Bacon and Eggs: braised bacon, Palomino Valley egg yolk, ‘Bitchin’ Berry’ gastrique
  • Wild Horse Ale Altbier 5.0% abv

3rd course

  • Risotto ‘deathwish’: braised octopus, uni-saffron puree
  • Deathwish American Pale Ale 6.66% abv

4th course

  • Head to Tail: braised baker ranch beef parts, ‘Wild Horse Ale’ infused polenta, magpie coffee rub
  • Outlaw Milk Stout 5.3%

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