Spring is in the air…….

I can not remember for the life of me the last time I felt like there was no winter. The weather has been so nice. The sun shining is really messing me up. I know we are in desperate need of water so any rain or snow is so welcomed. I cant control the weather, so I do not try. In my perfect world it would be summer all year long, with plenty of rainy days to make things grow and ranchers happy.
Spring has sprung and we are making the menu changes to prove it. Across the board we are looking at each restaurant with the chefs, managers, staffs and ownership. We use this time to tweak, to tinker and to improve what we do. Some of these tweaks you may not notice. Maybe it is a font change or a layout of some of the items we have. Others will be right in front of you. Spring staples……peas, asparagus, morels, favas, ramps and some spring lambs too!
This is a great time of year, come out of the “winter” braises with root vegetable and we embrace these “green” and fresh items that will lead us to summer. Spring is in the air. I can feel it coming!

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